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WriteMind is a writing, communications and ideas business owned and operated by Adelaide-based copywriter Steve Williss.


WriteMind is a creative service based in Adelaide South Australia specialising in writing, communications and ideas.

Steve Williss (Swills) works with advertising agencies, graphic designers, production companies, web and digital development companies, business marketers and direct clients.

And not just in Adelaide. 

Because in today's digital landscape, location is no longer a factor, meaning Steve can, and does, work with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Steve has 30+ years advertising experience working on national and international corporate and retail brands across a variety of creative disciplines in all aspects of writing. This involves the everyday diversity of writing for television, radio, press, print, outdoor, ambient, web, online content, social media, sales promotions, direct mail, blogs, articles plus much more.

Typically, Steve writes in a no-nonsense, laconic style reflective of everyday conversation.









Level 1,
285 Anzac Highway,
Adelaide SA 5038


1 George Street,
Adelaide SA 5044


What WriteMind can do for you

WriteMind caters for any kind of media. Everything from writing one-offs to complete campaigns. And if you need more than just writing, Steve's many years experience as an art director means he can direct the entire project utilising  a select group of creative professionals dedicated to producing the best outcome for your budget.

Steve's writing encompasses:

  • Press, print and magazine
  • TV and corporate video
  • Radio
  • Digital/online advertising
  • Websites, webpages, landing pages
  • Outdoor, transport, ambient, and experiential
  • Online video content, blogs, articles, social mediaposts
  • Sales promotions
  • Emails and Direct mail
  • Business stories & Corporate History
  • Specialist design for blogs, social media posts and headers, and infographics

Some of my work

This is just a small selection of work that I have been involved with over the past couple of years. If you would like to see more, please contact me.



Websites & pages

TVCs and Video



Level 1, 285 Anzac Highway, Plympton South Australia

Phone: 0426 502 886